PROMOTION: 20% off Vision Engineering systems* for 2020

PROMOTION: 20% off Vision Engineering systems* for 2020

Now’s the time to get a clearer view of your components and improve your quality control. With 20% off selected leading edge inspection and measurement systems it is the ideal time to upgrade your equipment. ‘20for2020’ promotion runs from October 19th to December 31st 2020.
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      Save 20% on inspection systems*

      Time for a clearer view!

      Our range of inspection systems offer unparalleled clarity, providing a clear view of components and samples, in either 2D or 3D.

      Our innovative eyepiece-less technology gives operators greater freedom of head movement and reduces the eyestrain customary with traditional microscopes, allowing operators to work for longer periods whilst maintaining productivity and accuracy.


      Save 20% on measurement systems*

      Time to automate your measurement for less!

      Improve your quality control procedures with our high-precision metrology systems, at a lower investment than equivalent systems on the market.

      Measurement automation, batch processes and the ability to switch seamlessly between non-contact and contact measurement will all help you to guarantee on-time delivery of quality products.

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