Loriot accompanies the electronics industry in Vietnam

icon-lich.svg July 27, 2021

With more than 19 years of operation and development in the Vietnamese market, Loriot Co., Ltd. has become a leading company in providing high-quality products, services and solutions to the domestic electronics industry. The products provided by Loriot include MOMENTUM BTB, SMT machine, robotic soldering, through hole/ auto insert machine, soldering material, inspection vs measurement solutions… and consumable materials.

According to Loriot Vietnam, after nearly two decades of operation in Vietnam, the company has gradually gained market share and shaped its brand and position in the market with a group of corporate customers with foreign direct investment (FDI). Among them are many partners who are famous electronic manufacturing enterprises in the world. In 2016, in order to continue its remarkable success in the commercial field, Loriot Vietnam made an important decision to establish a factory to produce consumables for printing in the paper industry. Not only creating a new position for Loriot in the Vietnamese market, but also helping organizations and individuals, especially Loriot’s partners in Vietnam, have the opportunity to access products with competitive prices and technology. advanced.

Mr. Le Nguyen Anh Tuan – CEO and founder of Loriot Vietnam Co., Ltd., said: “That Loriot company is a comprehensive solution provider for the electronics industry, in which the electronics industry is considered the key to its importance. The focus is on the circuit board field. Currently, Loriot Vietnam is capable of providing the entire closed production line in this field. At the same time, Loriot also provides warranty, maintenance and technical support services to all customers. in order to ensure the highest efficiency when using Loriot Vietnam’s products,” emphasized Mr. Le Nguyen Anh Tuan.

To fulfill this commitment, Mr. Le Nguyen Anh Tuan said: “Especially for FDI enterprises in the field of electronic manufacturing, one of the important factors is high-tech human resources”. And from this point of view, in nearly two decades of development in the Vietnamese market, besides the above technical and technological factors, Loriot Vietnam has always focused on investing in people to have human resources and knowledge. technical knowledge, experience and best labor discipline.

Despite having achieved continuous business development and great advancements in people and technology over the past 19 years. But Mr. Le Nguyen Anh Tuan always wishes to continue to receive attention, more from the Vietnamese Government through supporting mechanisms and policies for domestic and FDI enterprises.

At the same time, Loriot leaders want to find Vietnamese partners who can provide raw materials and materials to directly participate in production cooperation and product processing to not only help Loriot Vietnam take the initiative in production and providing products and services that also contribute to the implementation of the direction of the Government of Vietnam in increasing the localization rate of domestic industrial products.

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