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Cleaning Products develops, manufactures and markets environmentally responsible cleaning agents to meet the increasing demands of todays manufacturing operations. Sold under the AXAREL, BIOACT, CleanSafe, HYDREX, LENIUM, RE-ENTRY and SOLVAG trade names, our products are used to clean precision parts during production, ranging from sophiscated multi-stage cleaning systems to simply manual cleaning applications.  Our major markets are Aerospace, Defense, Electronics and Medical Device as well as other high tech industries.

Our greatest strength is the portfolio of cleaning agents we offer.  We have high performance products for all major cleaning processes including aqueous, non-aqueous, semi-aqueous and vapor degreasing.  With over 100 products to choose from, our experience Regional Sales Managers are ready to help prospective customer select, evaluate and implement the most appropriate cleaning products and processes.  

To determine which Petroferm cleaning agent is best for you, we invite customers to send or to bring parts to our Gurnee Applications Lab. We have several state-of-the-art cleaning systems in place along with cleanliness evaluation equipment and instrumentation to conduct in-depth cleaning studies.

Cleaning products are available directly from Petroferm or through an extensive network of distributors and business partners operating in over 45 countries worldwide.

Petroferm offers over 20 specialty cleaning agents for electronic assembly and semiconductor packaging applications. Our chemistries are designed for use in standard inline and batch defluxing systems, stencil and misprint cleaners and vapor degreasers. We also have a complete line of manual, non-aqueous products which are ideal replacements for isopropyl alcohol (IPA). Petroferm, along with its worldwide marketing partners, is committed to helping you with your selection to ensure your total satisfaction. Electronics cleaning products are sold under the AXAREL, BIOACT, HYDREX, LENIUM, MEGASOLV and SOLVAG trade names.

1.1 Cleaning electronics apply for:

  • Bench-Top-Rework
  • Condensation
  • Conformal coating Removal
  • Pallet & Jigs
  • Production Defluxing
  • Screen Printer Underwipe
  • Stencil & Misprint Cleaning
  • Wave Solder Finger

1.2 Cleaning method:

  • Manual Cleaning/ Immersion: Axarel 1600, Axarel 2200
  • Ultrasonic: Axarel 900, Axarel 2300.
  • Inline Spray: Axarel 850
  • Batch Spray: Axarel 750, Axarel 2300
  • Vapor Degreasing: lenium ES.

Axarel Product Number

AXAREL + 3 digits = Aqueous
AXAREL + 50 = aqueous spray

Example: AXAREL 850

AXAREL + 00 = aqueous ultrasonic

Example: AXAREL 900

AXAREL + 2 digits = Semi-aqueous

Example: AXAREL 3

AXAREL + 4 digits = Solvent

Example: AXAREL 2200

Benefits and Features

Enhanced Technology

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