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Electronics Cleaning product


A global supplier of process cleaning solutions, coating removers and other surface treatments for aerospace, electronics and industrial markets.

Vantage Cleaning Chemical is a leading global supplier of fully-formulated process cleaning solutions, coating removers and other surface treatments for aerospace, electronics circuit assembly and other high-reliability industrial markets.  For more than 35 years, our solutions have exceeded industry standards for performance, materials compatibility, EHS stewardship and operational use cost. Vantage STT products are sold in more than 30 countries under the Axarel™, B&B™, Bioact™, CleanSafe™, Hydrex™, Lenium™ and Re-Entry™ trade names and are supported by a global team of process-driven technical experts.

Vantage Cleaning Chemical is a leading global provider of process cleaning solutions and surface treatments for the electronics circuit assembly market. Our product portfolio consists of inline and batch spray defluxers, immersion and ultrasonic defluxers, manual defluxers, vapor degreasing solutions and stencil and misprint cleaners.

Sold under the AXAREL, BIOACT, CleanSafe, HYDREX, LENIUM, RE-ENTRY and SOLVAG trade names, our products are used to clean precision parts during production, ranging from sophiscated multi-stage cleaning systems to simply manual cleaning applications.  Our major markets are Aerospace, Defense, Electronics and Medical Device as well as other high tech industries.

Our greatest strength is the portfolio of cleaning agents we offer.  We have high performance products for all major cleaning processes including aqueous, non-aqueous, semi-aqueous and vapor degreasing.  With over 100 products to choose from, our experience Regional Sales Managers are ready to help prospective customer select, evaluate and implement the most appropriate cleaning products and processes.  

Vantage Cleaning Chemical apply for:

  • Bench-Top-Rework
  • Condensation
  • Conformal coating Removal
  • Pallet & Jigs
  • Production Defluxing
  • Screen Printer Underwipe
  • Stencil & Misprint Cleaning
  • Wave Solder Finger

Cleaning method:

  • Manual Cleaning/ Immersion: Axarel 1600, Axarel 2200
  • Ultrasonic: Axarel 900, Axarel 2300.
  • Inline Spray: Axarel 850
  • Batch Spray: Axarel 750, Axarel 2300
  • Vapor Degreasing: lenium ES.

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