The GLSS is a dual workstation standalone laser singulation machine specially designed to handle ultra-thin and flexible PCBAs or aluminium substrates used in manufacturing lighting products. Laser sources can be specified to suit the product needs with either Green [532nm] or IR [1032] wavelengths. The...
  • Overview

      Laser Singulation System


      The GLSS is a standalone Laser singulation machine specially designed to handle ultra-thin and flexible printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) typically less than 0.6 mm in thickness.

       The GLSS operates two tables for simultaneous cutting and load/unload operations for maximum production effectiveness and flexibility. Parts handling is as simple as positioning on a flat vacuum platen or a simple alignment fixture making the expenses usually associated with tooling less.

       The GLSS employs a 10W green laser source with wavelength at 532 nm. The green wavelength is well-suited to PCB materials enabling clean cuts.

       UV laser source is available as an option.

  • Benefits and Features



      S P E C I F I C A T I O N S:



      Manipulator Motors

      Manipulator Repeatability


      Board Positioning

      Panel Location



      Panel Size

      Panel Thickness

      : X, Y, W & Z axis

      : 4 axis AC brushless servo motors

      : ±0.02mm

      : ±0.01mm

      : Dual workstation with nest fixture or pin fixture

      : Located by tooling holes, edges of PCB or vacuum fixture

      : Manual Loading

      : Manual Unloading

      : 350 mm x 350 mm (13.5.5” x 13.5”)

      : less than 0.6 mm for FR4 and Polymide

      Laser System

      Green Laser

      Laser Medium



      Laser Life

      : 10W DPSS Laser

      : Nd:YVO4

      : 532 nm

      : Ambient air cooled

      : 50k Hours (Approx.)

      Nominal Power

      Peak Power

      Repetition Rate

      Pulse Width

      Pulse Energy

      : 10W @ 40 kHz

      : 12.5 kW @ 40 kHz

      : Single shot to 300 kHz

      : < 20nS @ 40 kHz

      : 250 uJ @ 40 kHZ

      Fume Extraction System



      : 750W rotary vane vacuum blower

      : 3 stage filtration with disposable filters

      Vision System

      Video camera

      : High resolution CCD video camera,

      : PCB Fiducial capturing or PCB Edge positioning (Optional)


      On line


      Editing Function

      : Vision assisted point to point manual teaching

      : CAD and Manual program generation capability

      : Dry run vision assisted / test run mode

      Safety Feature

      “E” Stops, Laser safety shutter, Servo overload detection, Class 4 Laser enclosure work area with laser safety viewing windows

      Machine Dimensions & Utilities

      Machine size


      Power Supply

      : 1.3 M x 1.3 M x 1.80M

      : 800kg

      : (options available)


      F E A T U R E S

      ‣ Large work area of 350 mm x 350 mm (13.5” x 13.5”)

      ‣ Powerful servo motors powered axis

      ‣ CE Certification (Option)

      ‣ Green Laser (UV or IR laser options available)

      ‣ Move, Teach and Cut Visual Programming System

  • Enhanced Technology