As a world leader in PCB Depaneling systems, GETECH presents GSR1200E. GSR1200E A stand-alone machine designed for high-speed routing and high volume production of large PCB panels up to 500mm x 450mm size.
  • Overview



      The GSR1200E is a single table standalone router machine that is specially designed to route (de-panelize) large panels with PCB size up to 500mm x 450mm into individual units. It is capable of speeds of up to 100mm/s and positioning speeds of 1000mm/s. The superior servo axis system provides high acceleration/deceleration, reducing cycle time (increase in production output) and at the same time maintaining high accuracy cutting. 

      Using a high-resolution CCD camera, and GSR user-friendly Windows-based software allows the user to program the routing paths in minutes. There are also no limitations in the number of programs stored. GSR1200E uses high-quality components and a welded steel structure to ensure rigidity and high performance. All the axes and linear guides used are protected from dust and dirt to increase lifespan and performance.

  • Benefits and Features


      S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

      Routing Capability

      Non-Routing  Speed

      Routing Speed


      : 1000 mm/sec

      : 100 mm/sec max (depending on material, cutting quality & tool diameter)

      : ±0.1 mm straight lines, curves and interpolated profiles



      Manipulator Motors



      : X, Y, & Z axis

      : AC brushless servo motors

      : ±0.02 mm

      : ±0.01 mm



      Panel Positioning

      Panel Size (mm)

      Panel Clamping Options


      Panel Thickness

      Component Height

      : Single workstation with dedicated pin fixtures, Manual panel Loading/unloading

      : Located by tooling holes or edges of PCB

      : Length = 500, Width = 380 / 420 / 450

      : Hinged Top clamp with gas spring assist (PCB width = 380mm) Removable Top clamp

      (PCB width = 420mm / 450mm)

      : 0.4 mm – 3.0 mm (Option: 0.4 mm – 8.0 mm with 0.5 kW Spindle)

      : Top max. 12 mm, Bottom max. 25 mm (Standard) / 50 mm (Option)

      Spindle System

      Spindle Motor


      Tool Change


      Router bit

      : 0.25 kW (60,000 rpm) spindle with ESD / Ceramic bearings

      : 0.5 kW (60,000 rpm)

      : Manual tool change

      : Ambient cooled

      : Shank size 3.175 mm (1/8")

      Dust Filtration System



      Vacuum Location

      Extraction Hose

      Noise Level

      : Single 3.0 kW rotary vane vacuum blower (Option: Dual)

      : 3 stage filtrations with disposable filter bag (10 microns)

      : Top vacuum on spindle

      : ID 51 mm (2”), L= 4M

      : <75 dB

      Vision System

      Video camera

      : High resolution CCD video camera


      System Platform

      Product Setup


      Variable Functions



      : Windows ® based Industrial PC

      : Vision assisted point to point manual teaching, vision assisted editing function

      / test run mode

      : Tool bit diameter compensation, Filter change interval (distance) setting.

        Tool bit wear compensation. Other options available.

      : Bar code support (1D or 2D), Fiducial alignment

      Operation Monitor

      Router Bit



      : Tool life tracking, PCB board count, tool broken sensor

      : Vacuum filter change alarm

      : Machine error history


      Router Bit

      Filter Bag

      Cleaning hose

      : 100 to 300 M cutting distance before next tool change (depending on PCB)

      : 1000 to 1500 M before next filter bag change

      : Extra hose for internal periodic cleaning included

      Safety Features

      "E" Stops, Spindle stop, Spindle motor overheat & Servo overload detection, Enclosed work area

      Dimensions & Utilities  

      Machine Size (W x D x H)

      Vacuum Tank Size (Ø x H)

      Weight (Main + Tank)

      Power Supply

      : 1,300 mm x 1,300 mm x 1,700 mm

      : 400 mm x 800 mm

      : Approx. 615kg + 25Kg

      : 3-phase, 380~415V, 50 Hz, 13.0 kW | 3-phase, 208~240V, 60 Hz, 22.6 kW



  • Enhanced Technology