Hawk Duo

Hawk Duo

Non-Contact Measuring Systems For inspection and measurement of 3-dimensional parts High repeatable accuracy 3-axis non-contact...
  • Overview

      Hawk Duo

      Non-Contact Measuring Systems


      High accuracy, automated video and optical measuring system

      A great solution for precision engineers, Hawk Duo gives you the reliability and accuracy of an optical measuring microscope plus the practicality and repeatability of digital video measurement in one robust system. It’s the perfect tool for any precision engineering application which demands accurate, automated measuring.

      Effortless accuracy

      Hawk Duo is equipped with a precision measurement stage with coarse and fine movement controls, and higher magnification objectives for accurately measuring extremely small features.

      High productivity and throughput

      The ability to simultaneously inspect and measure brings new levels of productivity to the working environment and a rapid stage traverse – even in manual mode – helps you to complete measurement tasks more quickly.  Hawk Duo can also perform fast, programmable measurement routines with 3-axis CNC control.

      Large objects

      A generous 200 mm x 150 mm measurement capacity lets you measure a wide range of parts and components, and Hawk Duo’s class-leading Z-axis travel is ideal for measuring taller objects.

      2 in 1: The Hawk difference

      Hawk Duo combines two measuring microscopes in a single, robust device, saving space and money.  Its video measuring capability is useful for bulk and routine work, where the edges of features can be easily identified.  For more challenging subjects, with very low contrast between the feature and the background, switch to optical measurement

      The Dynascope advantage

      For the ultimate in performance, Hawk Duo uses Vision Engineering’s unique Dynascope technology, which makes it easy to measure subjects with difficult-to-view low contrast, features.  Now you can view and measure subjects with black on black or white on white features, and/or high levels of transparency using the eyepiece-less Hawk Duo, easily and with complete confidence.

      Inside Dynascope

      Dynascope uses a spinning, multi-lenticular disc with more than 3.5 million lenticules arranged in a hexagonal pattern on its surface.  Each of these lenticules, with a diameter of just a few microns, acts as a discrete image-forming surface.

      By spinning the disk at high speed, the millions of individual optical paths merge into an aberration-free, high-clarity image which is viewed through a virtual ‘eyepiece’ which has a diameter roughly 13 times greater than the intense, narrow beams of light which reach the user’s eyes with a conventional microscope. The large diameter of these exit rays means that users do not need to precisely align their eyes with the viewing lens in order to see the subject, making it possible to adopt a comfortable posture.

      Easy to use M-Series Measurement Software

      Hawk Duo comes with the industry-leading M-series metrology software for quick, accurate part inspections. Powerful yet easy to use, M-series software can perform basic and advanced measurement applications with minimal training.  The intuitive user interface has a similar look and feel to apps on phones and tablets and is powered by Microsoft Windows 10 for easy reporting and printing.

      Powerful productivity features

      CAD-like part view mark-up, DXF import/export, digital overlay comparison, a range of thread, wire, and profile analysis options, and multiple video tools from cross line to full video edge detection give you everything you need for any job.

      Lighting options

      Because everyone has different needs, we’ve made sure Hawk Duo can be custom-configured with a wide range of lighting options, including programmable, quadrant LED ring light for uniform and shadow-free surface illumination, episcopic illumination for the inspection of bores, and adjustable substage illumination.


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