Lynx Evo

Lynx Evo

Lynx Stereo Microscope without eyepieces has multiple accessory options for a wide variety of tasks including
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      Lynx Stereo Microscope without eyepieces has multiple accessory options for a wide variety of tasks including:

      • Inspection

      • Manipulation

      • Assembly

      • Dissection

      • Soldering

      • Polishing

      • Finishing

      • Measurement and recording

      Lynx utilises Vision Engineerings patented Dynascope® technology. Dynascope technology expands the exit pupil of optical microscope layouts by utilising multi-lens image forming surfaces. The benefits to the operator are:

      • Superb resolution and contrast.

      • Increased head and body freedom.

      • Freedom to wear glasses and contact lenses.

      • Easy hand to eye co-ordination resulting in greater speed, throughput, accuracy and reduced scrap rates.


      Stand Options:

      Adjustable, swing away, boom mount for mounting directly to users work surface or with coated platform base. 



      Dynascope afocal stereo zoom eyepieceless microscope providing a 26.4° field angle.

      Dynascope patented technology optimises head and body freedom giving:

      • 10mm Radial head freedom.

      • 70mm Axial head freedom.

      Zoom Magnification:

      7-40X multiplied by combinations of objective lenses and multipliers (Zoom Magnification Maximum 160X).

      Zoom Ratio 5.7:1

      Secondary Multipliers 1.5X, 2.0X

      Reducing objectives to increase working distance and field of view (see table below).

      Magnifying objectives to increase overall magnification.

      -  Electrostatic Discharge Option:

      • For sensitive electrostatic applications, Lynx is available with high performance discharging plastic with full grounding, meeting the highest ESD specifications. (please contact us for details).


      - Unpacked Head 3.4kg Stand 5.5kg.

      - Packed Head 4.7kg Stand 6.5kg.

      Stable, focusable bench stand with subject holder, substage illumination and floating or measuring stage options.

      Illumination Options:

      • 6 or 10 point ringlight options with 21V/150W Halogen lamp house (200 hours approx. life) or 24V/250W Halogen lamp house (300 hours approx. life).

      • Substage illumination (bench stand only) 12V/20W Halogen lamp (2000 hours approx. life).

      • Option of tilting substage illuminator to enhance contrast.

      Accessories: (see separate Accessories Brochure for more details)
           • Magnification Multipliers:

      - 1X – 1.5X
      - 1X – 2X

      • Oblique and Direct viewer gives angled view of subject 35° rotating angle from vertical, motorised or manual options.

      • Tilting, spring mounted head angle adjuster for different height operators.

      • 25° Fixed Head Angle Adjuster (from horizontal).

      • Polarised light substage illuminator.

      • Floating workstage.

      • Measuring workstage.

      • Vertical or crossline measuring reticle.

      • Camera adaptors for digital cameras, CCTV, 35mm, Polaroid, image analysis or archiving software.

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