SX Series

SX Series

Robust, high quality microscopes for every application
  • Overview


      Nature has designed our visual system to be so dominant that our bodies adapt to accommodate any deficiency in the way we see. By enhancing the visual sense we extend the body’s capability.

      Looking at details

      Inspection of small details in finished items or supplied components is made easier and more efficient at the right magnification. Whether looking for moulding defects, surface finish, machining residue, correct assembly or much more, quality assurance is enhanced, reducing cost and increasing quality.

      Working with tools

      Depth perception is often required when working with tools. This is especially important when working with sensitive or delicate subjects or when working with small components. SX Elite provides the necessary depth perception allowing easier working, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

      Reporting results

      Swift and accurate communication is vital in the modern working environment. SX Elite’s camera system gives you the ability to quickly and efficiently capture and share images with suppliers, customers and team members, saving money and reducing waste.

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  • Enhanced Technology