Thinky Mixer ARV-5000

Thinky Mixer ARV-5000

The ARV-5000 holds up to 5000g material container. Maximum material mixing volume is 3 liter in the vacuum state and 4liter in the air state without vacuum.
  • Overview

      Thinky Mixer ARV-5000


      ・Large capacity of 3L・5kg.
      ・No spillage over of materials during operation because the optimal recipe for material can be set.
      ・Optimal setting according to materials is possible by changing the number of rotations.
      ・Excellent operability with a touch panel.
      ・Equipped with cooling function by rotation
      ・Various containers are supported


  • Benefits and Features


      The machine has performance of 3L/5kg of mixing, dispersion, and deaeration (degassing) for application for mass production. The large chamber can mix and deaerate large amounts to increase efficiency at manufacturing levels. With the combination of vacuum technology, high viscosity materials can be deaerated completely at submicron levels.


      Unit Dimensions/ Unit weight

      H1,650×W1,050*×?D925(mm) Approx. 500kg

      Maximum Capacity*1
      *1:Total mass to mount on the cup holder, including materials, containers, and adapters.


      Standard Container*2
      *2:Contact us because the actual volume of mixing may vary depending on the containers, materials, and conditions.

      4 liter resin container

      Power Supply

      Voltage: Three-phaseAC 200 V ± 10 %, 50/60 HzPower consumption:Approx. 35 VA (standby)Max 4500 VA (operation)


      Instruction Manual × 1,Power cable × 1,Containers and others: Depending on specifications,Vacuum tube × 1 pairVacuum pump oil,Others (depending on specifications)


      External host communication function


  • Enhanced Technology