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Top 10 reasons for buying a JBC soldering station

  • Soldering at lower temps 50ºC less than other brands
  • Fast temp recovery 350ºC in 2 secs
  • Tip life x 5 times Using Sleep & Hibernation modes
  • Increase your productivity Easy cartridge extraction saves time
  • 6 different tools Control unit accepts 6 tool changes
  • Ergonomic tools Comfortable & light
  • Easy-to-use Menu Over 20 parameters to personalize your station
  • 400 cartridge shapes to suit all your needs
  • Constant product innovation is our commitment
  • Communication Station – PC The freedom to manage your work remotely


With metal and non-metal brushes

Less than 1 second to perform a through and gentle tip cleaning with CLMU, increasing heat transfer to maximize soldering quality.

It features Sensor and Continuous working modes and can be used in horizontal or vertical position.

Designed for an easy maintenance with direct removable tray and quick and easy brush replacement.

Helps to keep the work area free of Foreign Object Debris (FOD).


Manual Tip Cleaner

A complete cleaning system with splashguard and antisplash membrane to keep the work area clean and free of solder particles.

It also features:

Brass wool: Very effective cleaning method. It leaves a small layer of solder on the tip to prevent oxidation between cleaning and rewetting.

Sponge: The least harmful cleaning method. Keep the sponge damp with distilled water when working to avoid tip wear.

ESD safe Tip Wiper: A temperature resistant receptacle lets the operator remove excess solder by gentle tapping or wiping.

Non-slip base: No need to hold the base while cleaning tips.

The JBC Exclusive Heating System

The exclusive JBC heating system reaches and recovers the temperature extremely fast.

This innovative technology reduces the risk of damaging components by applying excessive heat and improves the quality of your soldering or desoldering jobs.

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The BP500 Solder Paste Preparation Kit is included as a standard accessory (stencils are optional). It allows the user to apply solder paste directly to the balls of the component.

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