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Camβ (CamBeta), a digital inspection magnifier with magnification up to 20x, has been designed for a wide range of applications where viewing, image capture, reporting and documentation is required. With a high resolution color display, easy button operation, simple image capture and download, you can inspect & document quickly and simply.

Digital inspection magnifier

  • Highly flexible & portable
  • Simple to operate
  • Magnification up to 20x
  • Store up to 20,000 photos
  • Live view via HDMI output

Inspect anything, anywhere

Camβ is Vision Engineering’s portable, secure hand-held digital magnifier. Capable of 4x to 20x magnification, this robust ‘go-anywhere’ inspection and digital capture tool is ideal for use in the lab, around the factory or in the field.

Secure digital images

A great choice for secure or sensitive environments where cameras and mobile phones are not permitted, Camβ can store as many as 20,000 images on internal memory which can be saved to a portable memory device or downloaded to a PC. A battery life of up to six hours per charge makes it ideal for extended surveys.

Controllable built-in lighting
Never suffer from poor lighting again. Camβ’s built-in illuminator gives you a clear and bright view without the need for a separate flashlight.

Accurate on-screen measurements

Featuring convenient one-handed operation for inspecting even hard-to-reach unmovable objects, Camβ offers on-screen measurement using either a calibrated grid or virtual calipers. The caliper is used to measure distances between parallel lines on the X axis and Y axis.

Useful training tool

Camβ can be connected directly to a HDMI monitor enabling live display of the image. This is a useful aid for training and presentations.

Why Camβ is better than your smartphone

  • Optically optimised for close focusing
  • Illumination optimized for close working
  • Image security and live HDMI and TV-out
  • Secure grip for left and right hand use

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