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The stereo microscope for performance

Mantis is an award-winning ergonomic stereo microscope that offers exceptional operator comfort and superb 3D imaging. No awkward eyepieces mean a stress-free viewing experience, see more and do more than is possible with conventional binocular microscopes.

See every detail, even with demanding subjects

See the finest detail in a large, high resolution, high contrast, optical stereo image.

Whether you are viewing your subject in the eyepiece-less viewer or a separate monitor, Mantis stereo microscope delivers the superior image quality you need to perform your inspection tasks accurately and quickly.

Work better for longer

Mantis superior microscope ergonomics allows higher levels of concentration and lowers fatigue to give you better performance. It enables relaxed, stress-free viewing and the eyepiece-less design reduces eye activity, and thus eye strain.

Manipulate your subject easily with long working distance, accurate 3D view, and quick magnification change.

The stereo microscope for image quality

Mantis stereo microscopes deliver an unrivalled high quality 3D image, rich in detail and contrast, perfect for 3D observations and manipulation of a wide range of subjects.

Eyepiece-less design

Mantis eyepiece-less technology projects a large high quality 3D image directly to your eye, making it easier to see and more comfortable to view than a binocular stereo microscope.

The clarity of the 3D image supports enhanced hand-eye coordination, making subject manipulation with tools more accurate, faster and more efficient.

You can even wear corrective or protective eyewear without loss in performance.

Dynamic View Optics (DVO)

Mantis unique Dynamic View Optics enables a stereo view, which changes as you move your head. See the sides of a subject as well as the top to gain a greater level of information and understanding.

High performance digital imaging

Use Mantis PIXO’s integrated high quality microscope camera to share your image to a screen. Capture, review, analyse and share high quality images, including annotations, in real time, to improve reporting and communication.

Maximise working effectiveness by adding digital overlays to compare live images with targets, measures or pre-set guides.

Range of optical lens

To ensure you get the highest image quality, each dedicated lens combines the finest optical quality glass and special coatings to give a high resolution, high contrast view. For the most demanding subjects there is a range of Super Long Working Distance (SLWD) objective lenses.

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