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The Momentum II BTB stencil printer gives users greater lexibility for line configuraton Use the sperior print performance o the Momentum II BTB stencil printer for dual-lane output overall smaller footprint.

Momentum II BTB Stencil Printer


The MPM® Momentum® II BTB™ (Back to Back) configurable stencil printer allows dual-lane processing for higher throughput but without increasing either line length or capital investment. The Momentum II BTB stencil printer is the most flexible printer in the Momentum II machine.

Benefits and Features

More Throughput in Less Space

The Momentum II BTB printer is a space-saving 200 mm shorter than the standard Momentum II printer. Configure for dual-lane processing by positioning two BTB printers back-to-back in a manufacturing line. Dual-lane processing generates the output of two printers in the length of one.

Ultimate Flexibility in the Momentum Platform

Use the MPM printer in-line as a stand-alone or configure back-to-back for dual-lane output. Print multiple products in a single SMT line, for example, print top and bottom sides, print the same side, or print mother/daughter boards. The Momentum II BTB printer comes in two different throughput configurations for optimum flexibility in line balancing.

Match Printer Strategy to Dual Lane Strategy

The Momentum II BTB printer allows total front-side accessibility and service, with open access to the electrical system, solvent reservoir, and other key components. Because the BTB printer requires no read access or extra buffer space, position each printer to maximize your facility floor space.

Proven Momentum Series Accuracy and Performance

Wet Print accuracy of 20µm@6σ, Cpk ≥ 2, with 6σ capability designed in and independently verified. The MPM Momentum II series printers are fast, precise, and highly reliable, with performance unmatched by any other printer in their class.

Benchmark™ User Interface

Easy to learn and use for the average operator, MPM’s Benchmark software is powerful yet intuitive, and facilitates rapid setup, assists with operational tasks, and makes changeover quick and easy. The software has been upgraded to Windows 10 and new production tools and new Quickstart programming to make it even easier to use.

Enhanced Technology

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